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Social Media 101: YouTube Guide

Amanda White, Account Manager, PowerSports Network
December 23, 2014

YouTube was launched in 2005, and now there are more than 1 billion users, 6 billion hours of video watched a month, and subscriptions to YouTube channels quadrupled since last year. Due to its popularity, reach and user-friendly platform, your dealership should actively participate in this medium. YouTube’s... Read more »

Nifty 50 contest continues to gain momentum

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
December 18, 2014

It’s inevitable every year. Right around July or August, someone from an aftermarket company emails our sales team or me about the Nifty 50 application. Many times that person heard about Nifty 50 from someone else, or saw the logo on their competitor’s website, and he or she wants to know how to... Read more »


Steve Lemco, Author, "Training and Hiring New Salespeople"
December 16, 2014

When salespeople first see a customer coming their way, they should instantly put on their game face and be ready to perform. They need to understand what the word G.R.E.E.T. stands for and accomplish it. During training, I put the word on the white board and then explain what each letter stands for. The... Read more »

3 Quick holiday tactics

Leslie Prevish, Founder — Prevish Marketing
December 10, 2014

With just two weeks until Christmas, your time and resources are limited. Try one — or all — of these three quick ideas to generate even more last-minute holiday sales. Stocking Stuffer Sales First off, what are the key stocking stuffer items sold at your store? Be attentive and notice the smaller... Read more »

Where are your website links leading?

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
December 4, 2014

We’re all guilty of becoming lax from time to time. We forget to do certain tasks because not doing them won’t make the world come to an end, and there are more pressing issues to attend to. However, too many of us have become lax with our websites. It’s there; we know it works, and whomever we... Read more »

Wrap it up with gratitude

Mark Mooney, Director, Retail Performance — Pied Piper Management Company LLC
December 2, 2014

An attitude of gratitude brings great things.” — Yogi Bhajan Here we all are — closing in on the end of another year. During this time of year I hear lots of folks saying “wrap it up.” I’d bet that many of you might be saying the same thing. After all, it’s the Ho, Ho, Ho season with Jolly... Read more »

3 Last-minute strategies for Small Business Saturday

Colleen Brousil, Director of Marketing — ARI Network Services
November 26, 2014

Looking to capture your share of shoppers this holiday weekend? Encourage your customers to #shopsmall this Small Business Saturday. Started in 2010, Small Business Saturday taps into the local shopping movement, encouraging people to spend with small businesses in their hometowns the Saturday after... Read more »

Social Media 101: Twitter

Amanda White, Account Manager — PowerSports Network
November 25, 2014

Twitter is popular in the social media world and should be one of the tools used by your dealership. Its importance can be seen in the numbers: 284 million monthly active users, 500 million tweets per day and 184 million mobile monthly users. Additionally, the average user spends around three hours a... Read more »

Girly or Tom Boy: Who loves you?

Leslie Prevish, Founder -- Prevish Marketing
November 17, 2014

The first question in marketing to women is, “What type of woman are you targeting?” Segmentation by demographics is one way, but discovering her core personality is the best. One option is to evaluate where she sits on the “girly” vs. “tom boy” spectrum, or how much she leans tomorrow more... Read more »

3 Questions for your Business Prevention Department

Chris Clovis, Vice President, EagleRider Motorcycles
November 13, 2014

No. Say it with me now: “NO.” It’s a powerful word — one of the strongest in any language. Regardless of your station in life, saying “no” empowers you. Contrary to the “Yes Man” stereotype, “No Men” (and women) are much more common. In business, as in life, “no” is a default... Read more »

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