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What you need to know about new SEO updates

Laura Reinders and the PSN Search Services Team, PowerSports Network
February 23, 2015

Google made a lot of exciting developments in 2014 to make for a more productive 2015! Here are a few of those changes highlighted below: Pigeon In 2014, Google launched one of the biggest updates to local search results since 2012. This local algorithm update, or as Search Engine Land calls it, “Pigeon,”... Read more »

Are your displays aged, broken and stale?

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist — Tucker Rocky
February 18, 2015

Hello 2015! Welcome, I look forward to this new selling season! In preparation for the new season I have to remind us all that now is the time to remove broken and aged display support items and update support tools we use for merchandising. Here is a challenge I routinely face when working on display... Read more »

Fantasy Powersports: A commitment to excellence

Nate Stickney, Managing Partner — Sky Powersports Group
February 17, 2015

It’s 9 a.m. Monday morning, and you will soon hear a 20-minute speech from your sales manager about how awesome his fantasy football team played over the weekend. Soon, the entire sales team begins to join in on the discussion. They quote detailed stats, plays, blown calls and standings. You find... Read more »

Capitalizing on empowerment trend?

Leslie Prevish, Founder — Prevish Marketing
February 16, 2015

Ah, the E word: Empowerment is “new” again? Years ago at Harley, we talked about using imagery and messaging to convey this powerful sentiment. At times, though, we lamented that we were sick of hearing the actual buzzword, as it had been so overused. Imagine my surprise when I read, Is Women’s... Read more »

The Probe — Part 2

Steve Lemco, Author — "Training and Hiring New Salespeople"
February 12, 2015

Once the salesperson has greeted the customer with a cheerful smile in a friendly mannerism, he or she is now in a position to develop a friendship and remove the skepticism that many customers have toward salespeople. The best way to make friends out of complete strangers is to listen to what they have... Read more »

What should you be selling in F&I?

Tommy Ady, Founder — The WriteBack
February 11, 2015

A question that I always get from F&I managers, general managers and dealers is, “What products should we be selling?” They also want to know how to sell the products once they have them and how much of each product they should be selling. With such a large assortment of product providers out... Read more »

Is your website ready for the selling season?

Colleen Malloy, Director of Marketing — ARI Network Services
February 10, 2015

Is your website primed to drive in-store and online sales for the busy selling season that’s just around the corner? Not sure? These five key questions will help you conduct a simple dealership website self-audit and craft a corresponding website optimization action plan. Print this guide, pull up... Read more »

Attack of the clones

Chris Clovis, Vice President — Eaglerider Motorcycles
February 5, 2015

I once had a colleague — we’ll call her Jane — who possessed a permanent “Lemon Face” upon her visage. You know the type: always walking around appearing as if having just finished sucking on a lemon. Although smart and capable, I was convinced she’d practiced that permanent scowl in the... Read more »

What are we doing to encourage younger generations to ride?

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
February 4, 2015

When interviewing a dealer recently, the topic of younger riders came up. He felt that as an industry, we’re not doing enough to encourage new, younger riders. Unfortunately, I think he’s right. As someone who just recently became a 30-something, I feel like had I not grown up around motorcycles... Read more »

What are your managers managing?

Mark Mooney, Director, Retail Performance — Pied Piper Management Company LLC
February 3, 2015

“Lack of knowledge, that is the problem.” — W. Edwards Deming For many of us, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” is something we have subscribed to since the dawn of time. Monitoring and reviewing how well something is working is not a bad thing to do on a regular basis for any of... Read more »

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