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2 Hot, easy ideas for your showroom

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist — Tucker Rocky Distributing
June 17, 2013

If you have a new retail space you’re planning or one that has been in need of a boost, you might like to check out these showroom product ideas. All stores can benefit from a boost, and simple products can make a big impact. Let me share the two best, easy solutions. Flooring The last decade included... Read more »

You have to believe; you have to lead

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist — Tucker Rocky Distributing
May 16, 2013

Glorious May is here, but for some parts of the U.S. it’s been like February — cold, wet and just plain yucky. That has an effect on all of us. We feel like we should continue to hibernate, but when it’s sunny, we pop up like flowers in the sun; we feel like we can and want to do more, and we love... Read more »

What would I do to get ready for the season?

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist — Tucker Rocky Distributing
April 18, 2013

As a consultant who regularly works with powersports and some marine dealers, the growth of P&A sales for our kind of seasonal businesses is a part of my everyday work. The focus is not just merchandising but all the elements that go with it. Retail is DETAILS, and the details need a looksee by owners,... Read more »

Why offer more?

Tim Calhoun, Executive Vice President — LeoVince USA
April 4, 2013

Your career (territory, dealership, business, product line) is successful; why work harder, build better, offer more? I could break into a long winded explanation of why, justified by graphs that are in turn supported by intensive research documentation and a drier than a saltine cracker blog but … It... Read more »

Aiming at a fast moving target

Steve Shankin, Founder/President/CEO — Seizmik and Vialink
March 28, 2013

I get pretty frustrated at the lack of good information available in this industry. I’ve looked at all the new unit sales data from a number of different resources — and in my opinion none of it is complete. Lots of organizations attempt to capture real data, but it’s a mind blowingly difficult... Read more »

Boost your floor plan, boost your branding, boost your sales

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist — Tucker Rocky Distributing
March 19, 2013

The function of visual merchandising is to influence customer behavior. Visual merchandising uses floor planning of the traffic flow, lighting, branding and displays to lead customers all the way through the showroom. You need all your merchandising elements working together to sell more product. How... Read more »

Are you appealing to the right niche markets?

Steve Shankin, Founder/President/CEO — Seizmik and Vialink
February 26, 2013

Everyone knows that I’m in the business of making accessories for UTVs. We work with a number of companies, not just on their OEM accessories but on the actual vehicle design as well. It’s pretty fascinating to see how the UTV market has evolved, grown, fragmented and specialized in the last five... Read more »

Start your end (cap)

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist — Tucker Rocky Distributing
February 21, 2013

Last month I mentioned that taking action by exploring your due diligence was one of the most thoughtful things you can do to determine what to stock, how much, when, and what amount of space should be dedicated to brands, categories and products. You and your staff, with this information about your... Read more »

7 ways to plan your 2013 season P&A strategy

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist - Tucker Rocky Distributing
January 17, 2013

We are on the dawn of our 2013 selling season. In less than a month we’ll be in February, the official unofficial start of the street motorcycle business in most regions. Some of you may not think that, but the first warm sunny couple of days in late January through February, and the game is on! Why?... Read more »

Profit driven strategic merchandising: What will you do for 2013?

Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist —Tucker Rocky Distributing
December 26, 2012

I get many dealers contacting me with an interest in improving their stores’ visual merchandising. These dealers may feel that their showrooms lack a spark to initiate frequent sales. For sure, a store’s physical appearance is key. Customers sense the space, and if it’s not attractive and laid... Read more »

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