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Boating and riding enthusiasts take cross-country trek

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Wanda Kenton Smith, President — Kenton Smith Marketing
May 23, 2013

What happens when you ignite a group of boating industry folks who are passionate motorcyclists, with a yearning for adventure? In my case, the result shifted from the top dream of my bucket list to Boaterz N’ Bikerz Across America: A Hull of a Tour, a nearly 3,000-mile epic trek from Florida to... Read more »

E12: Ethanol’s back-up plan

August 13, 2010

With the Environmental Protection Agency soon to decide whether to grant a waiver that would allow fuel containing ethanol blends of up to 15 percent to be used in newer road vehicles, at least one company with a strong interest in the decision has a back-up plan in case the ruling doesn’t go its way. In... Read more »

Delays don’t mean you can ignore Red Flag Rule

June 22, 2010

Jan Kelly, president of Kelly Enterprises — This past week we received notice that the Red Flag Rule implementation date was delayed for the fifth time. Many of you reading this may think this is something to ignore, and those of us in education and compliance are feeling as if we have been living... Read more »

Making F&I profitable without an F&I manager

May 10, 2010

Jan Kelly, president, Kelly Enterprises – Many dealerships have downsized their personnel to the point of not having a dedicated F&I manager. Is that department just as profitable without the dedicated person focused on the task each day? Who is presenting the ancillary service policies, and working... Read more »