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Is your dealership at risk of workplace violence?

Forrest Flinn, Managing Partner and Chief Visionary — Powersports Management Concepts
September 23, 2015

Last month the nation was stunned when Alison Parker and Adam Ward were shot and killed live on WDBJ7 television and on social media in Virginia. A disgruntled ex-employee of the station committed the act of what is considered workplace violence. Could this type of crime happen in your dealership? Yes,... Read more »

STEM girls and motors

Leslie Prevish
September 15, 2015

On a recent hike, I came across a college girl wearing a T-Shirt proclaiming, “Science is the new rock ‘n’ roll.” It made me ponder whether there might be an existing — or potential — connection between powersports and girls who study science, technology, engineering and math: STEM girls. Some... Read more »

Let’s talk about price — Part two

Steve Lemco, Author — "Training and Hiring New Salespeople"
September 10, 2015

If the salesperson gets a sour look and shows fear while it is not his or her money being spent, how in the world can the customer feel good about it when it is their money? It should also be the salesperson’s mission to soften the price by having an ‘only’ mannerism while discussing money. When... Read more »

Are you blaming your service department for heat cases?

Tommy Ady, Founder — The WriteBack
September 9, 2015

Ever get a call from a customer that wants to cancel their protection agreement because of your service department? Just a few days ago I listened to the voicemail of another F&I manager saying that ... again. The call went something like this: Hey Joe, 
I just had a flat repair done on my RZR... Read more »

Opportunity is knockin’

Mark Mooney, Principal, Mark Mooney Powersports Consultants
August 31, 2015

The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity — Victor Chasles Here’s a riddle for you. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Opportunity. Don’t be silly, opportunity doesn’t knock twice! Here’s another knock: Not making the most of the opportunities your dealership is being presented with... Read more »

Generation Z: A force 20 million strong

Forrest Flinn, Managing Partner and Chief Visionary — Powersports Management Concepts
August 26, 2015

Just when you think you have just cracked the code on managing members Generation Y, or more commonly known as Millenials, another generation is cropping up behind them. This new generation is known as Generation Z. Sounds cool right? I’m not sure how they go about naming generations, but it is a catchy... Read more »

Cussing: What do women think?

Leslie Prevish, Founder — Prevish Marketing
August 17, 2015

Recently, a lively LinkedIn discussion caught my eye about the increase of cuss words in marketing. Then, a moto-journalist friend started a Facebook thread about swearing, which prompted some agreements that there’s a time and a place for it. Others said it wasn’t acceptable anyplace. What do women... Read more »

Let’s talk about price

Steve Lemco, Author — "Training and Hiring New Salespeople"
August 13, 2015

To make my previous blog’s point clearer, I do a role-pay. I play both customer and salesperson. Customer: “So Steve, how much is it?” Steve: “Well John the price of this bike is only $19,550 and that’s a lot of bike for the money.” I stop the role-play there and then explain that when I... Read more »

Why are F&I managers afraid of the phone?

Tommy Ady, Founder — The WriteBack
August 12, 2015

If it wasn’t already obvious to you by now, I am a fan of money. In fact, my love of money has inspired all of my sales and presentation strategies. And every one of them also insures that I can prevent losing my money whenever possible. I’m referring to abiding by government regulations. They’re... Read more »

The bounty in absorption

Mark Mooney, Principal, Mark Mooney Powersports Consultants
July 30, 2015

“Potential has a shelf life” — Margaret Atwood I flip television channels often (son of a gun, there are a lot of them!) and I seem to be landing on a lot of paper towel commercials. “Absorbs more, and picks up what others don’t” seems to be the common message. You know, paper towels really... Read more »

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