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Once again, our industry knows how to step up

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor - Powersports Business
November 6, 2012

When a major earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March 2011, our industry stepped up with financial donations and other types of support for those affected by the disaster. Following Hurricane Sandy, our industry has made similar moves. Ken Vitulli, general manager of Rocket Harley-Davidson in Madison,... Read more »

Is all of your inventory online?

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor - Powersports Business
November 1, 2012

I hear great things about pre-owned sales all the time. The unique, lower-priced used models fit better into the budgets of some customers, and they deliver high margins, dealers report. But who’s going to buy that merchandise if you don’t show it off? I was in a dealership a while back, and my... Read more »

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor - Powersports Business
October 2, 2012

There’s always a shock that comes when the air is still warm, yet retailers have already begun stocking for the holidays. Some, including Target, already had Christmas merchandise on the shelves in September. While you don’t have to set up a Christmas tree in your dealership yet, preparations for... Read more »

How do you know what your customers think if you don’t ask?

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor - Powersports Business
September 20, 2012

I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who will appreciate help at a store or a restaurant, have all intentions of emailing the manager about the clerk’s kind service, but get distracted and never remember to do so. Or, on the other hand, I’ll be so appalled by the service somewhere that instead... Read more »

Is a U.S.-China manufacturing shift on the horizon?

Chris Gerber, Associate Digital Editor - Powersports Business
August 30, 2012

The Sino(Chinese)-American trade deficit has tripled since 2000, continuing to grow compared to last year and according to a report on job losses done by the Economic Policy Institute, the U.S. lost an estimated 2.7 million jobs to China since it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. And that’s... Read more »

Does your website reflect your showroom?

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor - Powersports Business
August 23, 2012

I’m on dealer websites a lot, and some are great, but I’m often disappointed by the content of others. So many are never updated and others were never properly setup in the first place. Fortunately, some features don’t have to be touched often, yet they’re left the way they came from the website... Read more »

Target customers, but don’t insult them

Chris Gerber, Associate Digital Editor - Powersports Business
July 26, 2012

Travel site Orbitz got into a bit of trouble with customers a few weeks ago when the Wall Street Journal reported that the company has been serving PC and Mac users with different hotel offers based on the computer they were using (among other factors). Orbitz executives told the Wall Street Journal... Read more »

Beyond the open house

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor - Powersports Business
June 28, 2012

Often when I ask for tips for our PSB 123s, I receive far more than I could ever use. The PSB 123s on events were no exception. Shortly after the deadline for our May 21 issue, Zach Materne, general manager of sales at The Transportation Revolution in New Orleans, sent me a few tips to add to our list.... Read more »

Users turning blind eye to Facebook ads

Chris Gerber, Associate Digital Editor - Powersports Business
June 21, 2012

Reinforcing the statement that “social networks are meant to be social,” a recent Reuters/Ipsos online poll found that four out of five Facebook users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising or comments on the site. The survey of 1,032 Americans was conducted May 31 through... Read more »

Who is your customer experience manager?

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
June 18, 2012

Last month my family headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for my niece’s birthday. Shortly after we entered the restaurant, we were approached by a man who introduced himself as the customer experience manager (or something similar to that). I kind of giggled at the title, but it turns out it was appropriate... Read more »

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