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Social Media 101: LinkedIn and the personal profile

Amanda White, Account Manager, PowerSports Network
March 23, 2015

Why should dealerships take interest in LinkedIn profile pages? Personal profile pages are the solid foundation for building small and medium sized businesses’ reach, credibility and professionalism. LinkedIn has over 277 million users throughout the world; about 34 percent (93 million) of them are... Read more »

Reassessing your market

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
March 19, 2015

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your local market and who you should be marketing to? Was it before Y2K? When three-wheel ATVs were still on the market? When “Star Wars” was just hitting theaters? When The Beatles were starting to make a name for themselves? Markets are constantly... Read more »

Training Jedi Knights: 7 steps of sales wisdom

Nate Stickney, Managing Partner — Sky Powersports Group
March 17, 2015

Chewbacca was a heck of a nice guy, but let’s face it, he doesn’t belong on the sales floor. Or what about Jabba the Hutt? We’ve all had one of those guys on the team before! Complacency and negativity can spread like a disease and sometimes it’s best to rebuild from scratch. It’s always... Read more »

Are you being age-appropriate?

Leslie Prevish, Founder — Prevish Marketing
March 16, 2015

Age-appropriate Marketing? “All 50-year-old women want to look like they’re a hot 20-year-old,” stated a marketing friend once when I questioned the plethora of young, model-looking women in ads. “Really, say’s who?” I challenged him and referenced research I’d read—and led—contradicting... Read more »

Know when to be a friend

Steve Lemco, Author — "Training and Hiring New Salespeople"
March 12, 2015

I could go on and on about the importance of making a friend in the business with every customer, but I am sure you know that. Yes, salespeople obviously should talk about the bike and things like features and benefits. But I am pretty sure people never call up their friends or their mothers to tell... Read more »

Can you hit $800 a month by selling theft?

Tommy Ady, Founder — The WriteBack
March 11, 2015

It’s easy to come up with reasons why you won’t make any more money than you did in 2014. It also ensures that you never will. A while back, a reader left a comment on one of my posts: I’ve been a business manager for one year now in the same multi-line store. My 2014 F&I average was close... Read more »

Warranty claim processing: Organization is the key to success

Brandon Kirschner, Experienced Service Department Manager
March 5, 2015

In my last blog, we talked about that dusty file folder hidden away with all of those unfiled warranty claims. You remember, the one that Joe, the last service manager, left for you. This month we need to talk about getting started with cleaning up that mess and about how getting organized is going to... Read more »

Know when to call an airstrike

Chris Clovis, Chris Clovis, Vice President — Eaglerider Motorcycles
March 4, 2015

I’ve got a confession: I hate George Harrison. Yes, as in former Beatle George Harrison. Nothing personal, but his song “Got my mind set on you” evokes an uncomfortable memory. It was the winter of 1988 in the Pacific Northwest, and it was cold. Aside from that annoying song, the cold air is what... Read more »

Are you afraid or committed?

Mark Mooney, Principal, Mark Mooney Powersports Consultants
March 3, 2015

There are only two options regarding commitment, you’re either in or you’re out-Pat Riley Most of us have shared common experiences in our businesses. Names and locations may be different but there’s a high probability that some of the challenges you’re dealing with today, someone else is as... Read more »

Supply chain tips for motorcycle, ATV and UTV manufacturers—Part 1

Gary Gustafson, President — G-Force Consulting
February 25, 2015

Powersports OEMs have developed unique purchasing cultures. The biggest ones are becoming more automotive-like every day while smaller OEMs sometimes lack experience or volume-purchasing power. Here are some tips for vehicle manufacturers to obtain a better return from their supply chain based on a couple... Read more »

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