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Social Media One-on-One for Dealers: Which social media channels work for your dealership?

Laura Reinders, Marketing Manager — PowerSports Network & Traffic Log Pro
June 24, 2014

In last month’s post we focused on gaining familiarity with the more popular social networks that every web user should know about. If you’ve gone through the process of setting up accounts on some of the social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, to name a few, you are now ready... Read more »

Beacons enable hyper-targeted in-store offers

Colleen Brousil, Director of Marketing — ARI
June 18, 2014

While connecting customers with in-store specials via their mobile devices isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, beacon technology takes the concept to a whole new level. Introduced in December, Apple’s industry-leading iBeacons use Bluetooth low-energy technology to communicate with nearby mobile... Read more »


Mark Mooney, Director, Retail Performance — Pied Piper Management Company LLC
June 3, 2014

“Embrace the fundamentals like the closest of friends, for they will be the foundation of your future success.” — Chris Murray It’s not an easy task to open a new motorcycle dealership, buy an existing dealership, or to operate a dealership, for that matter. The costs associated with along with... Read more »

Social Media One-on-One for Dealers: Where does your dealership start?

Amanda White, Account Manager — PowerSports Network
May 27, 2014

In order to choose which social media platforms your dealership should explore, you first need to understand why social media is an effective way to communicate in the first place. Social media is not a “new” commodity. Its humble beginnings started in the late ‘70s by two Chicago computer hobbyists... Read more »

The adventures of a mystery shopper

Bob McCann, Director of Education — ARI
May 22, 2014

I often go mystery shopping on the web on behalf of OEMs. I get to see the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of lead management and follow-up, and I use that evidence to help ARI dealer clients implement best practices and stay away from major deal breakers. I once submitted quote requests to 10 dealerships... Read more »

OEMs are from Mars, the aftermarket is from Mercury

Gary Gustafson, President — G-Force Consulting
May 12, 2014

I was once told by an executive at a notable aftermarket manufacturer that if I would sell their products to OEMs as original equipment, his brand would build my reputation as well as my product portfolio. I did not believe him because there is seldom any overlap between the marketing and supply chain... Read more »

The ‘C’ word

Chris Clovis, Vice President — Eaglerider Motorcycle Sales
May 5, 2014

Cancer. A frightening term no one enjoys using. Ugly, pernicious and deadly in any form, even as a metaphor. In this case, I’m referring to the Cancerous Employee – as harmful to your business and as difficult to eradicate as the biological version. But where do “C-word” employees come from? Members... Read more »

To be or not to be …

Mark Mooney, Director, Retail Performance — Pied Piper Management Company LLC
April 29, 2014

“Action is eloquence.” — William Shakespeare What do you want your dealership to be? What do you not want your dealership to be? Both questions are important, and both merit attention. We spend a lot of time thinking about what we want and, quite frankly, not nearly enough time on what we don’t... Read more »

Use Content Groupings to get more out of your analytics data

Bob McCann, Director of Education — ARI
April 23, 2014

Quick quiz. What’s the hottest brand of bike on your website? What about the most popular unit type? If you don’t have the data on hand to answer these questions, read on! By implementing a single advanced setting in Google Analytics, you can open up a world of actionable data. What’s the magic... Read more »

The Procrastination Calculation

Mark Mooney, Director, Retail Performance — Pied Piper Management Company LLC
April 1, 2014

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” — Karen Lamb By and large we all procrastinate. Some more (when is this blog due?), some less. From Bill Clinton to Leonardo da Vinci. Throw in Albert Einstein for good measure, and what would the common denominator be? They were highly successful... Read more »

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