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Why do we have poor dealership managers?

Steve Jones, Columnist
July 18, 2014

I just finished reading a very interesting article in the Gallup Business Journal. The article discussed the findings of Gallup studies and research on managers in today’s business operations. Their overall findings were shocking — companies fail to choose the person with the proper skills for a... Read more »

A low barrier to exit shows profitability state

Mark Mooney, Contributing Writer
July 14, 2014

It’s not an easy task to open a new motorcycle dealership, buy an existing dealership, or to operate a dealership, for that matter. The costs associated with along with OEM requirements are not something that most folks can comprehend or afford. The barriers to entry in our industry are extremely high.... Read more »

A move to the 405 is A-OK with Harley dealer

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Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
June 25, 2014

Combine a tight geographic footprint as mandated by its franchise relationship with Harley-Davidson and a real estate market that keeps “Property For Sale” signs at a minimum, and it’s no wonder Huntington Beach Harley-Davidson in California had to wait and then some for the right time to move. But... Read more »

More bike photos add up to additional leads

Neil Pascale, Columnist
June 25, 2014

This is a no-brainer, but it’s a question each of us needs to consider. If you could hire somebody at minimum wage to do a job that would likely result in very profitable returns for your dealership, would you do it? Of course you would do it. Why wouldn’t you? Minimal risk. Tons of upside. So why... Read more »

Menu presentation absolutely pays off

Brian Gallmeier, Columnist
June 23, 2014

The single step in the overall sales and finance process that impacts dealer profitability the most is an effective menu presentation. The Business What business are you in? A Harley dealer? Multiple brands and segments? PWC only? ATVs mainly? One majority franchise? Are you the owner or general manager?... Read more »

Do you cater to buyer logic or looker emotion?

Sam Dantzler, Columnist
June 16, 2014

Who do you cater to? The best dealers in the country have one very important ingredient. They cater to the guy who hasn’t yet made the decision. The entire business is set up for the Just Looker, not the Just Buyer. Most dealers simply staff to the number of bikes they are selling, not the ones they... Read more »

5 ways to improve PG&A profits, customer satisfaction

Steve Jones, Columnist
June 2, 2014

One of our sayings is: “Nothing happens until something is sold.” You can do all the inventory control you want, but unless you train your staff to do a good job of selling and taking care of your customers, you won’t maximize the capabilities of your department. You must also have an efficient... Read more »

The metrics of loyalty


Hal Ethington, Columnist
May 30, 2014

Question: Do loyalty programs work? Solid answer: Depends. Sorry. I know you were expecting a quick, definitive answer. So was I. But there’s not one. Over the past year or so we have seen the sudden appearance of computerized loyalty programs in the motorcycle space. It quickly became the buzzword,... Read more »

Structuring the deal for menu setup

May 26, 2014

In the last two articles we reviewed two of the most important steps in the sales and finance process — the salesperson turnover and the customer interview. The salesperson had just completed a proper turnover, and the finance manager was then able to do a complete customer interview. Now we’ll review... Read more »

Selection committee finds another All-Star cast

Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
May 23, 2014

If it’s May and the temps are finally rising, the industry must be going fast and furious. It’s no different around the PSB offices, where we’re proud to unveil the 2014 Executive of the Year and Industry Leaders. It’s always a fun project for managing editor Liz Keener and me to consider dozens... Read more »

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