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The customer interview, from an F&I perspective

Brian Gallmeier, Columnist
May 7, 2014

In previous articles, I have written about Power Ratings and rainmakers. This article is now the second part of a series that will explain the sales and finance process, from the finance department’s perspective. The customer interview: A private discussion between a finance manager and a prospective... Read more »

Streets of China provide a lesson in sales pitches

Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
April 30, 2014

As everyone in the industry knows, work trips are part of the gig. From trade shows to dealer conventions to distributor events to product launches, we grow accustomed to boarding the flight, anxious to see how the trip will help us grow our business ventures. My most recent itinerary found me in Hangzhou,... Read more »

Change — whirlwind or not — a part of flourishing

Hal Ethington, Columnist
April 23, 2014

Twenty years ago my associate Kris Denos and I were laughing our heads off. We had just gotten off the phone with two young men who had developed a non-accounting accounting system. No journal entries. No posting. No debits. No credits. How silly could that be?! They had thrown out the book, come up... Read more »

Where does the finance process begin?

Brian Gallmeier, Columnist
April 23, 2014

Where does the finance process begin? Just a guess, but for 75 percent of powersport dealers, the finance process may not exist at all. For the other 25 percent, the ones with the highest PVR (profits per vehicle retailed), the highest Power Rating and the highest customer satisfaction, the finance process... Read more »

Have you seen the latest data on mobile devices?

April 9, 2014

It’s always interesting to read the reports and data we receive on mobile marketing, since so much of our buying experience is on-the-go and related to mobile devices. It was just last week when my wife and I were reading on those exact mobile devices, me with my smartphone and she on her (I mean the... Read more »

The best practical powersports advice of 2013

Neil Pascale, Columnist
March 28, 2014

Doing something different today. Removing the podium. Rearranging the chairs, so it’s less a traditional classroom format and more of a circle. So sit down. Relax. And no, you can’t have the remote. What have I picked out for us to watch? Call it the best of 2013, if you like. Today I’ll share... Read more »

Yearlong bike to work brought ice, snow, cold

Dave McMahon
March 26, 2014

Snowmobile dealers in some parts of the country are reporting their best sales season in more than a decade. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “we’re out of new sleds” while talking to dealers over the past month or so. Some dealers who carried over a couple of dozen sleds from last... Read more »

What if we hired a ‘rainmaker?’

Brian Gallmeier, Columnist
March 24, 2014

With today’s sophisticated buyer, are you guaranteed to drive some great F&I numbers if you hire the best “rainmaker” you can find? What is it about the “rainmaker” that’s the differentiator? Can the F&I department (if there is one) perform without a full-time person? If a dealer... Read more »

Are you proactive, or reactive?

Sam Dantzler, Columnist
March 21, 2014

Only 3 percent of America rides our product, so you have a choice. You can wait for someone to walk in your door, or you can go get ’em. One scenario is built outward from what’s convenient for the dealer and the staff. The other is built inward from what’s convenient for the customer. Which do... Read more »

3 key factors to hiring great employees

Jason Breckenridge, Columnist
March 19, 2014

Editor’s note: Jason Breckenridge, owner of Twenty LLC, presented a dealer training session titled “Phone — Friend of Foe: Making the phone an effective sales tool” during the 2013 Powersports Business Institute @ AIMExpo in Orlando. Nearly 90 percent of the dealer attendees in the session ranked... Read more »

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