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Employee development should be treated as a system

Stennis Prochnow, Contributing Writer
February 12, 2014

Editor’s note: The following Guest Column from Stennis Prochnow examines the dealership hiring process, a feat with which he became familiar as owner for 10 years of a multi-line dealership in Michigan. For years, while participating in 20 groups, I have had the opportunity to visit many dealerships... Read more »

Does your dealership make me want to belong?

Sam Dantzler, Columnist
February 11, 2014

The Florida State Seminoles (FSU), my alma mater, had a perfect football season. They carried that record into the BCS National Championship game in Pasadena in January against the Auburn Tigers. FSU had an entire 2013 season of dominating teams, while Auburn became the improbable “Team of Destiny,”... Read more »

A changing consumer shopping experience

Neil Pascale, Columnist
January 31, 2014

When you opened the dealership doors on Jan. 1 to a new year, did you pause to consider the change? The change that has swept this industry — not to mention every other retail sector — compared to just two short years ago? It wasn’t the product in your shop. Oh sure, there has been change there,... Read more »

Power 50 application ready for download

Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
January 27, 2014

We’ve just closed the books on the 2013 Power 50 dealer awards program, but it’s already time to start looking ahead to the 2014 Power 50 Awards Dinner in Orlando. We continue to get feedback from dealers who saw coverage of the Awards Dinner held during AIMExpo in Orlando this past October. The... Read more »

How is your 2014 compliance plan shaping up?

Peter Jones, Columnist
January 27, 2014

As we begin 2014, I wanted to review important items that every dealership should not only be aware of, but also should have implemented into their dealership operations. As an industry-level member of the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP) and a Certified Compliance Expert, I... Read more »

Use the 15/15 rule for initial customer greeting

January 17, 2014

No, I’m not going to talk about “Season’s greetings …” I want to discuss the terrible state of greetings in most businesses today — in particular, our powersports dealerships. As a part of my job for one of our OE clients, I was to assess the state of the sales department of some of their... Read more »

Looking for arrows pointing up in 2014

January 6, 2014

The 2nd annual Powersports Business State of the Industry webinar featured an information-packed PowerPoint deck for the more than 250 industry members who attended the free, 75-minute long session. Many of them, as we noticed, provide data points that showed our industry is certainly trending positively... Read more »

Get more traffic, or do more with your current buyers?

Neil Pascale, Sam Dantzler, Columnist
December 27, 2013

Editor’s note: In a typical edition of Powersports Business, columnists Neil Pascale and Sam Dantzler are displayed on opposite pages, each tackling a different challenge dealerships face in today’s trying economy. Each brings his different, unique perspective to these pages, although it’s not... Read more »

Federal regulations and your powersports dealership

Steve Jones, Columnist
December 11, 2013

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission and the Internal Revenue Service have begun targeting automotive and powersports dealerships for inspection with regards to the Safeguards Rule. With the federal government hungry for new sources of revenue, it is much easier to impose and collect fines than struggle... Read more »

Add a trip to EICMA to your bucket list

Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
December 4, 2013

Just when I thought I had seen more business than ever being done in the six mammoth exhibition halls at EICMA, the industry’s annual mega-trade show in Milan, Italy, I trudged up to my gate at the Milan airport. There, the business chatter continued, with a parts distributor alongside an apparel vendor... Read more »

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